3 September. The daffodils are fully out, and the bluebells have not yet begun.

Late September. Daffodils still going strong

28 September 2019. Daffodils.
5 October 2019. Grape hyacinths (muscari).


9 October 2019. Oriental garden. New leaves on the Japanese maple, yellow windflowers. Bright green new growth on the box of the new parterre.


20-30 October: The Rhododendrons at their peak: they begin around 20 October.

28 October 2019. The Clough Williams_Ellis seat, hopeless lion and pink rhododendron. (Private garden.)

8-10 October: the crab apple near Montacute is is full bloom. It does not last long but it spectacular while it does.

21 October: the tri-colour beech is in leaf. This has very pretty pink edged leaves as it comes into leaf. As it matures it becomes more coppery.

14-21 November. Everything in bloom!