The Parterre à l’Angloise and Terrace

Steps leading from the terrace to the Parterre ¡a l’Angloise

Panorama of the Parterre.

The south side of the building looks over the secret garden and has a broad terrace with steps down into the parterre à l’angloise and the Chinoiserie fabrique.  The parterre à l’angloise, or cut grass parterre, was called in France ‘the English-style parterre’ because they were particularly popular there because the English liked grass. (The usual French type was the embroidery parterre (parterre de broderie), with complex patterns in plants and flowers.) This parterre is more like French or German examples, which had more complex patterns, but is not based on any one in particular. The cartouche shape was generated by the various paths and features (including the monkey puzzles). The two small monkey-puzzle trees (auracaria auracana) are seedlings of the large monkey puzzle visible at the end of the avenue leading from the statue of Pan. These recall the Auracaria Parterre at Biddulph Grange in Staffordshire, England, which was planted in the 1840s when these trees were new to Britain.