The Chinoiserie Fabrique

The Chinoiserie Fabrique from below. With cane armchairs, table, and Weber barbecue.

A fabrique is a small garden building that refers to something else. In this case it refers to little Chinese buildings in European gardens of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (the colours recall the ones at Biddulph Grange). These are called chinoiserie because, although inspired what little was then known about China, they are not very Chinese: rather, they were an opportunity to indulge in colours and shapes that fell outside the Classical canon. Here it was also a way of using up some of the waste roofing from the top of the Pavilion.

The Chinoiserie Fabrique is a place for sitting in cane armchairs and admiring the view. It is an especially good place for having lunch, as in summer the interior is wholly in shade, and in winter the sun comes in which providing protection from winds. There is a also a portable Weber barbecue.

View from the Chinoiserie Fabrique to Montacute Pavilion