Main Bedroom

Montacute is designed around the main bedroom.There are views on three sides, but at the same time it is completely private. On the left there is the giant staircase window that runs through two levels. You can see the Wombat Hill gardens in the distance, over the roof of the carport.

From the left-hand window, seated in the vintage Chesterfield armchairs,  you look down at the parterre and the Chinoiserie fabrique. From the front window, in front of the bed, there is the very cosy cuddle sofa that looks down onto the garden, which extends as far as you can see towards the Raven Seat, the Limonaia Parterre, the Apple Trellis and the New Parterre. There are lots more rugs than shown here, in front of the cuddle sofa and in front of the gas log fire.

There is an original American walnut mantelpiece not shown here, with slight anthropomorphic forms in the Voysey manner. The TV above is perfectly positioned to watch TV (or Netflix, which is included, or DvDs) in bed. The chandelier is antique, and like the Jane Knapp shell sconces the lights are fully dimmable. Because the building is brand new it is very well insulated, so it is very snug in winter, and likewise in summer the airconditioning does not have to work hard to keep things cool. The blinds are power operated, controlled by remotes. There is a tray space at the top of the stairs.

There is a doorway at the bottom of the stairs that can be locked from inside.